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SEO Explained

On-Page SEO Factors – More Information

Meta Information – Meta Tags

Simply put your site has should have the proper Meta Information. Most page elements in most websites no matter how big or small should include the following. Furthermore these should be unique on each page for the best SEO Success. The most common and most essential tags are the following:

  • Title Tag
  • Description Tag
  • Keyword Tag
  • Header Tags


Additional SEO Tags and Factors

Many Search Engine Optimization tricks and fixes are easy to find and implement. However, if you are going beyond the basics there are many more you are going to want to look at. Some of the more often overlooked ones include:

  • Alt Tags
  • Robots txt file
  • Internal Links
  • External links
  • XML sitemap
  • Page size
  • Image sizes
  • Object sizes
  • Design issues
  • Styling issues
  • Favicon
  • Page and Image caching
  • Server Configuration
  • Canoncal issues – and more.

External Links – Establishing your Authority Online

While we briefly just touched on it, it is worth expanding upon. The number of external links or sites and relevant content that points back to your website online is very important for your SEO. The more sites and the better the quality of these sites and links pointing to you the higher you will be on the results page for relevant content. The number of sites pointing to you helps google determine your relevance. The more relevant you are the better your site will perform.

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